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Mazin A.L. 1995
Life Span Prediction from the Rate of Age-related DNA Demethylation in Normal and Cancer Cell Lines.
Experim. Gerontol. 30 : 475-485.


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Mazin A.L. 1995
Methylation of the Factor IX Gene is a Main Cause of Mutations Responsible for Hemophilia B.
Mol. Biol. (Moscow). 29: 73-92.

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Mazin A.L. 1994
Enzymatic DNA Methylation as a Mechanism of Aging.
Mol. Biol. (Moscow). 28: 11-31

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Mazin A.L. 1993
Replicative and Postreplicative DNA Methylation as Generator of Mutations.
Mol. Biol. (Moscow). 1993. 27: 965-979.

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